If you're looking for info about how to avoid smoking weed this is most likely a good destination to start. While marijuana has been highly popularized these days, you might have seen yourself that it's not absolutely all what it's cracked up to be. Hi there. So glad I came across this forum..maybe I'm not dying?!?! I've tightness in my chest and a… Read More

This is not my first frosty turkey quitting, but this one was more sophisticated. I was well prepared and educated for everything along the way. Thanks to your excellent site. The dizziness is from getting ultimately more oxygen going to the human brain. Some people also get muddleheaded and forgetful. Dreams: Whenever you quit smoking, sometimes y… Read More

This assortment of slideshows, quizzes, and images is supposed to help you learn and test your knowledge of CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE (Coronary Artery Disease) and related conditions. Today is your Quit Day, be proud! Start strong by knowing what to expect and how to control difficult moments on your first smokefree day. this is my 4th day and the mus… Read More

Is your dog plagued by scratching and scratching? Does indeed your doggy constantly lick and bite their rear end, paws, or tail? Welcome to the world of hard-to-diagnose, hard-to-treat canine skin problems. It's the irritation that causes your pet to itch and scuff, which causes wounds, hair loss, and more irritation. Notice: Healthline isn't a hea… Read More